Flat roofs are a popular feature in homes and commercial buildings as they give a modern and simple look while also allowing a number of different uses to the space. Here are three types of flat roofs you might want to consider for your own project.

Parapet roof

The parapet is the classic flat roof. Its name comes from the fact that it isn't actually flat; instead, it is sloped at a slight angle with a parapet wall at the end, giving it the impression of being flat but allowing the water to run down into the gutters. Its main drawback is that it has a tendency to leak because it is surrounded by parapet walls. If the gutters become blocked the water will gather on the roof rather than pour off onto the ground below. Because of this, parapet roofs should be fitted with wide box gutters. They should also have an overflow so that the water can escape if the gutters become blocked.

Roof terrace

The roof terrace is one of the most prized types of flat roof — but it is also one of the most complicated. Firstly, the fact that it is completely flat makes it even more important to ensure that it is waterproof. And secondly, there are numerous regulations and provisions surrounding its construction that need to be observed. It is sensible to give a slight slope to the roof terrace to prevent water from building up. When installed correctly though, it will be one of the most stylish and memorable entertaining spaces you could imagine.

Green roof

The third type of flat roof is a green roof. This is effectively a rooftop garden, where the roof is covered in soil and vegetation is allowed to grow in it. With this kind of roof, it is even more important that the base does not leak, as the soil is likely to hold a lot of water. It will also need to be much stronger than other roofs to hold the extra weight. However, it has the advantage that it has good insulation properties, and will help to stop the heat from escaping the building.

A flat roof of any type is complicated to install and should be left to an expert. Just get in touch with a professional flat roof installation service to find out more about your options, and you will be on your way to a stylish and practical addition to your building.