Small Projects

A typical Apex, NC house’s roof may need to be replaced every 18-25 years depending on where you live. In this area, summer and winter weather conditions take a toll. The heat and cold will crack and wear down the materials over time, plus strong winds can make replacing your shingles a necessity.

Blueprint with pencil and ruler

Roofer Apex takes much pride in the hard work its team produces.  Customers are just as happy and satisfied with completed projects!

We Listen

We listen each customer’s needs and provide all clients with:

  • Quality roofing installation on all types of roofing
  • Only the best roofing materials by top-rated roofing manufacturers
  • Superb craftsmanship by our roofing installers
  • Careful inspection and evaluation of homeowner’s roof

Homeowners Love Us

We Provide Homeowners with:

  • Free written roofing estimates
  • Assistance with insurance claims for storm damage to your roof
  • You pay after the roofing project is completed; no deposit is required
  • Excellent clean-up after roofing project is completed